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TRANSFORMEX Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1993.
Our company started as a producer of standard current instrument transformers with 0.05 accuracy class and primary currents 0.1 A - 120 A for laboratory purposes.
Nowadays we design and manufacture various types of electrical devices for power industry. Our professional specialization are non-typical or manufactured in short series constructions of products intended for use in extreme conditions like low or high temperatures, very high humidity or installations with enormous short-circuit currents.
TRANSFORMEX Sp. z o.o. cooperates with scientific and research institutes and technical universities.
Our products are used in power plants, in the mining and other branches of industry.
All types of products passed necessary tests and obtained certifications of recognized institutions as Electrotechnical Institute of Warsaw, Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw, Central Office of Measures, EMAG The Research and Development Centre in Katowice.
A greater part of our products was patented.

If you want to obtain precise informations about our products or you have any request and
you are interested in cooperation - please fullfil our inquiery form or contact with our designing office.

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